Welcome to the STAGE-SOFC project

Innovative SOFC system layout for stationary power and CHP


The FCH JU project STAGE-SOFC aims to:

  • develop a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) prototype of a new SOFC concept with a serial connection of one exothermal CPOx stage with one or a multiple of endothermic steam reforming stages
  • integrate these components for a small-scale CHP and off-grid applications in the power range of 5 to 50 kW
  • investigate a system operated with natural gas, biogas and LPG
  • perform a techno-economical study that will validate business cases for the proposed product


The project intends to:

  • develop a 5 kWel Proof-of-Concept (PoC) prototype that will show the feasibility of the staged stack connection within a compact, production optimized, scalable and robust system concept
  • improve the system electrical efficiency to at least 45% and to thermal efficiency higher than 85%
  • approve the PoC prototype that allows fast evolution to a field test system and introduction to a potential market

The consortium consists of 5 partners out of 4 European countries (Finland, Germany, Italy and Poland).

Here, you can find out more information on the partners.

Read more on the technology development within the STAGE-SOFC project.