Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT Espoo, Finland – coordinator


Partner description

VTT is an impartial expert organisation. In the field of fuel cell technology and gasification-related issues VTT is one of the leading research institutes in the Nordic countries. VTT research supports industry product development by maintaining a development platform comprising a large range of research facilities, a selection of sophisticated modelling tools and know-how spread across various technologies throughout the entire business chain. Most VTT projects are co-funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, European research programmes, industrial partners and VTT. VTT is currently participating in various projects involving more than 40 different companies.

The main areas of fuel cell research are currently PEFC and SOFC, and in particular related systems, applications, demonstrations, stacks, components and materials. The purpose of SOFC research at VTT is to develop new technology and provide industrial enterprises with information which supports the development of SOFC-based power plants. VTT’s research also supports the development of stacks and BoP components and the application thereof in SOFC power plants. One purpose is to increase understanding of the fundamentals of SOFC science and systems. VTT has over 20 years of experience in the development and testing of gas reforming technology for gasification and fuel processing units. VTT employs over 20 people in its Fuel Cell team and 15 people in its Catalytic Processes team. All team members possess a wealth of experience in R&D for both SOFC and fuel processing units.


Role in project

VTT act as the Project Coordinator and is responsible for the development of the pre-reformer. VTT will also participate in system simulation, safety analysis, techno-economic evaluation work and the testing of the prototype process.



Project coordinator
Dr. Matti Reinikainen
VTT;  P. O. Box 1000;   FI-02044 VTT;   Finland
Tel. +358 50 5634137


Project manager
Noora Kaisalo
VTT;  P. O. Box 1000;   FI-02044 VTT;    Finland
Tel. +358 40 6857095