Sunfire GmbH Dresden, Germany


Partner description

Founded in 2010, sunfire GmbH is a pioneer in the development and production of high-temperature fuel cells (SOFC) and electrolysers (SOEC). sunfire fuel cells convert natural gas into electricity and heat for many different markets (Micro CHP, off-grid, marine, IT servers, etc.). High-temperature electrolysers produce hydrogen which can be used in Power-to-Gas and Power-to-Liquids installations, industrial sites and H2 mobility. sunfire also owns and offers – in cooperation with Bilfinger Industrial Technologies – a very efficient Power-to-Liquids and Power-to-Gas approach.

Dresden-based sunfire was founded by Carl Berninghausen, Christian von Olshausen and Nils Aldag. In the first three financing phases the firm raised a two-digit million Euro amount from Total Energy Ventures, Electranova Capital, Bilfinger Venture Capital and the ERP Startfonds at KfW. Founding investor and business angel Carl Berninghausen still holds the majority of the shares. Within the next five years the company is looking to raise additional money in an IPO or exit to a financial or strategic partner who can further accelerate growth and fully role out the product portfolio in the envisaged markets.


Role in project

SF will hold the role of Scientific Coordinator within the framework of the STAGE-SOFC project. It will mainly be involved in the development of the 1st phase prototype, the hotbox and the control system for the PoC prototype. SF will also coordinate the development of business concepts and an exploitation plan. Its key area of focus will be the design of a compact hotbox which uses key BoP components to connect various stack stages together. It will also deliver the CPOx reactor and the afterburner along with material-optimized cathode air heat exchangers.


The involed people at sunfire are:

Dr. Oliver Posdziech: Business Unit Manager Systems; WP4 Coordinator

Markus Kunkis: Project Manager Systems; WP3 Coordinator

Danilo Schimanke: Group Leader Stack Development

Dr. Christian Walter: Project Manager Stack Development

Björn Erik Mai: Business Unit Manager Business Development

Jens Zschachlitz: Construction Engineer Systems

Martin Herschmann: Software Engineer Systems

Dirk Schaarmann: Electrical Engineer Systems

Ronny Schönfelder: Electrical Engineer Systems



Dr. Oliver Posdziech
sunfire GmbH
Gasanstaltstraße 2;  01237 Dresden;  Germany
Tel.   +49 351 89 67 97 – 996      Fax.  +49 351 89 67 97 – 843